How to get started

1. Information Gathering and Assessment

  • Our team works with yours to gain clear understanding of program goals and finalize implementation plan
  • Our team collects all equipment service contracts from hospital. Usually hospital provides in electronic format, email or mailed copies.
  • Underwriters review and analyzes contracts identifying make, model, serial number, servide level, and contract termination date

2. Proposal

  • Proposal is delivered
  • Proposal contains equipment that we can place in program in chronological order of expiration
  • Proposal contains list of any items missing information
  • Proposal will list any equipment not suitable for our program
  • Proposal will show savings on a multi year basis
  • Proposal will show yearly cost with prorate equipment additions throughout the year

3. Training/Process Proceedures

  • Educational meetings will be scheduled to include all participants to ensure familiarity with program operation, procedures to be utilized when service for equipment is needed, and use of online cloud based system. 
  • Equipment sticker tags will be produced with Call Center's information for all covered equipment items.
  • Hospital approves what end users are to be given access to online reports. Usernames and passwords are distributed to end users. Online demos may be scheduled at any time for participants.

4. Continued Support

  • Hospital end users remain in contact with a designated Customer Assistance team member as needs arise or when adding or removing equipment from the inventory is needed.
  • Periodic meetings will be conducted in order to disucss the progress of the program and address any additional needs.