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A Fully Insured Equipment Service Contract Alternative

Compliant in all states with the Service Contracts Model Act (685)

How it works

FaciliGuard Equipment Service & Maintenance Program


  1.  COST------------------- typical Savings 17-21% off OEM contracts

2. MULTIPLE CONTRACTS - we prorate renewals to One date

  3. LONG TERM CONTRACTS --------------- we are on 1 year cycle

  4. PAPERWORK ----------------- cloud based records with no paper

5. SPEED------------------------ Guaranteed Service ResponseTimes

By partnering with FaciliGuard, we pay your service/maintenance vendors for time & material and bear the risk for large repairs. Your coverage is backed by an approved USA domicile,  AM Bests "A" Rated Insurance Company.  

FaciliGuard is offered exclusively through A. G. Roth Insurance Brokers, please see: www.AGRoth.com

Our Assurance - Unlike most OEM/ISO contracts that lock you in for 3-5 years, you may terminate our program if you become unhappy for any reason with 30 days written notice.

FaciliGuard - Cost Containment Guarentee


Our program GUARENTEES 15%+++ savings on OEM equipment service contracts that we propose. 

Additionally you will experience reductions in administrative cost. 

FaciliGuard - Connecting Stakeholders


By uniting your equipment service/maintenance contracts under our single contract, you find it easier to keep track of repair costs, PM's, renewals, waranty coverage, savings... with no paperwork!

Our Service Hotline is available 24/7/365 and is staffed by people in our service office and not somewhere overseas. 

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