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When considering responsive Extended Service Contracts for your Imaging, Lab or IT Equipment, FaciliGuard can help by consolidating your contracts under our single contract. 

How does FaciliGuard help

FaciliGuard Equipment Service & Warranty Insurance Program


  1. SAVINGS:  Guaranteed SAVINGS of 15% or more off OEM contract pricing that we propose.
  2. SELECTION:  Keep your vendors and have the ability to change during the year. 
  3. SPEED:  Because vendors compete for your business each, RESPONSE TIMES IMPROVE and we can guarantee response times if needed. 
  4. SIMPLIFY:  Attach your contracts to the FaciliGuard policy for one monthly invoice, less paperwork and vendor invoices, track PM's & service in a cloud based system. 
  5. SECURITY:  Financially backed 100% by national insurance company and approved in all States and Canada. 
  6. SUPPORT:  Our toll free number is staffed 24/7/365 by USA based employees with BioMed background

FaciliGuard - Hidden Savings


Your facilities will experience reductions in administrative and accounting cost. Your staff can be deployed to handle other task.  Administrators will have piece of mind by having one contact point for all their contracts in the program. In addition the facilities will have the security of a Top 10 national insurance company financially backing the program. Click the More tab above and White Paper link for info about financially vulnerable vendors that could negatively impact your facility (and your job).    

FaciliGuard - How We Can Offer Lower Pricing?


By uniting your equipment service/warranty contracts under the FaciliGuard policy, you/we gain a spread of risk through the combination of Equipment/Brands. Because of the Law of Large Numbers (800,000+ items and growing) we are able to collect actuarial data on cost & failure rates.  We are able to spread the cost/risk amongst all parties, thereby stabilizing and lowering pricing.  

Our company pays the vendor time & materials while taking and spreading the risk (insurance) of a substantial parts failure/service event. 

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